6 Easy Tips To Prepare Your Lips For Matte Lipstick

As we approach another Fall season, it’s time to modify our wardrobes. Just as we switch out sandals for boots or tank tops for sweaters, many women make changes to their makeup too. Yes, ladies, it’s time for darker, more vibrant shades of color on the lips!

I will wear dark lipstick all year long, but not as much as I do in the colder months. It just goes with my outfits better. I do love a cute gloss; however, when it comes to dark shades, I prefer the matte look.

As a “rule,” some older women tend to avoid matte lipstick, as it causes already thinning lips to appear even thinner. I wasn’t born with full lips, but that has never deterred me from wearing what I like.  I also think that the choice to wear dark/matte lipstick depends on your overall look, i.e., hairstyle, eye makeup.  A lot of beauty gurus encourage women 40 and over to avoid darker shades, but I say use at your discretion.  Everyone doesn’t age the same. So basically, this post is for those of you who don’t have the thin-lip issue, and for the rest of us that don’t care.

There are a few tricks to wearing matte lipstick beautifully ya know. Some brands can be entirely too drying. Not only can matte lipstick make your lips look bad if not applied correctly, but it’s also very uncomfortable to wear. Here, I’m going to share my five tips for a beautiful matte lipstick application.

1. Exfoliate your lips regularly.

Exfoliating your lips is extremely important when wearing matte lipstick. When you don’t exfoliate, your lipstick will grab onto dry skin and give you a crusty lip girl situation. I always do a gentle scrub when I use a drier lipstick, even if I don’t feel like I need to. It never fails that the one time I decide not to, there’s a patch of dry skin that destroys my entire look. Then I have to remove the lipstick, exfoliate and then reapply. (such a waste of time) So, I make a habit of doing it right the first time.

Be mindful not to scrub your lips to the point they start to bleed. If your lips are that bad, it’s probably a good idea to skip the matte lipstick until they are in better shape. I lightly exfoliate at night and in the morning. This one does a fabulous job.  It’s all natural and smells amazing. If it happens to be out of stock, no worries, it will be back.  If you can’t wait, my second choice is this one. Alternatively, you can use a damp face cloth to remove dry skin

Quick Treatment for Super-Soft Lips

Exfoliate gently-rinse 
Apply a drop of honey. Leave on for 10 minutes-remove
Apply lip balm

2. Moisturize your lips, especially at night.

After your nighttime skin-care routine, apply a good lip balm before turning in for the evening. Doing this protects your lips at night, especially if you snore (he, he). Also, you’ll be surprised how soft and supple your lips will be when you wake up. Moisturizing your lips makes an excellent canvas for matte lip paint.

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3. Prime your lips.

I have an inexpensive lip primer from NYX that works pretty decent to fill out the lines on my lips, thus giving me a smoother application. However, I only use it when I’m wearing certain mattes. You’ll have to be careful with this one because sometimes a lip primer won’t work well with the formulas of some lipsticks. Sometimes primers can cause the color to slip or appear patchy.

4. Choose a lipstick that isn’t too drying. 

All matte lipsticks are somewhat drying but some more than others, especially the ones that claim to last all day.  I love some of the shades from Anastasia but girlfriend, they dry my lips out so bad. And they sort of smell like an actual can of paint. Does that stop me though? Nope, not yet anyway.

6 Easy Tips To Prepare Your Lips For Matte LipstickWhen I wear these, I absolutely must wear a lip balm underneath. Sometimes, I’ll apply a light layer of one of my LimeLife Enduring Lip Colors under it as well. I find that by doing this, the drying effect isn’t as bad.


 Swiping a light coat of creamy lipstick on top of matte lipstick is a great combo for a non-drying color that will wear longer. 

5.  Use a little foundation or concealer underneath.

Dark colors can stain your lips, making it difficult to remove all of the pigment.  What helps prevent this is applying a small amount of foundation or concealer to lips before lipstick application. As a bonus, this technique also provides longer wear.

6. Drink plenty of water.

You had to know this was coming, didn’t you? I firmly believe that water solves most problems with dry skin. If you don’t drink enough water, your lips will most definitely show it. Try drinking half your body weight in ounces of water each day. I promise this helps.

I hope you find these tips helpful. Have fun getting your matte on this fall. Take care of your lips, and they will look good for you.

As always, thank you for reading.

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