Building Wealth: How to Find Hidden Money

A key step in building wealth is to stop letting money slip through your fingers. No amount is too small, every penny makes difference. 

I recently took a break from working from my day job, and now make money through self-employment. It’s been quite challenging for sure and I’m still getting the hang of it. However, I’m excited about the road ahead and am anticipating many great things.

Although my entrepreneurship journey started while I was working during the day full-time, it’s all still pretty new to me.  Life as a business owner is certainly not easy. Not only may it take a little while to start earning income consistently, but you also have to have to work harder, be more dedicated and fiercely innovative. Bills don’t stop coming just because you don’t have a “reliable” source of income. Thank goodness, for savings and a supportive husband!

In addition to working my businesses, the other thing I’ve started to do is search for ways I could be wasting money. 

One of my lifetime goals is to build a better, positive relationship with money. As I get older, I’m realizing even more than before how crucial it is to be financially responsible and find ways to increase my net worth.

Building wealth involves being aware of where your money is and where it is going. 

Since I’ve started searching for cash, I’ve found the equivalent to about $182.50 per week. An extra $730 per month may not seem like much, but I think it’s a great start!

If you’re curious as to where I found this money, keep reading

Building Wealth: How to Find Hidden Money
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Got Rid of Cable.

Cable and cell phone charges always consume a huge chunk of our income because we crave entertainment.  I’m in a place now where I’m totally over cable, so this was an easy break for me.  I rarely use my iPhone to talk to people, but I do use it for social media and internet trolling. I haven’t found a solution for reducing my cell phone charges yet (actually, I haven’t tried) but since we cut cable service, we have a savings of about $100 a month.

Updated/Terminated Subscriptions.

I sat down one day and went through every service I paid a subscription fee for. Mind-blown! I found money coming out of my bank account for services I hadn’t used in YEARS! Because it was $5 here or $10 there, I didn’t pay much attention. Not only that, but because I hadn’t tracked what each fee was for, I just assumed they were all for things I regularly used and needed. This was so not the case. I ended up canceling $80 in monthly subscriptions. As for the services I had been using, I found cheaper or free alternatives that provided the same type of service.

 Learned DIY Techniques.

I started making all of my household cleaning products. In my quest for a chemical-free home, I would buy pre-made non-toxic products and call it good. However, these products are not cheap! I quit purchasing these items and invested in gallons of vinegar, baking soda, and other things to whip up my personalized products. I also began to research how to use common foods that are great for cleaning as well. The pay-off? A fresh-smelling, non-toxic home and savings of $60 per month.

Use of Public Transportation.

Here in Japan, there is so much to see and do. I love going to downtown Tokyo. What I don’t like is the cost of all the toll charges to get there. I won’t even get into what it costs to park! While I prefer NOT to take the train, it’s a cheaper way to travel. What helps make my train ride easier is avoiding peak traveling hours and holidays. I’ve saved about $150 a month.

Reduced Money Spent on Gas.

It’s unbelievable how much money I used to spend on gas traveling to and from work each day. I used to pay $50 a week on gas, but since I know work from home, I only gas up once every two weeks, bringing my savings to $140 a month.

Quit Eating Out As Much.

This one is the killer. Yeah, I love food–all kinds of food at that. The restaurants here are fantastic, but boy does eating out add up! With the kids out of the house, my husband and I used to eat out multiple times a week. We spent a whopping $320 a month just eating out, and this didn’t include weekends. Some cutbacks needed to happen. We now only eat out once a week and began saving $200 a month.

Researched for Unclaimed Money.

If you’ve never visited those unclaimed money sites, you need to. I did a search didn’t find anything in my name, but I found money that belonged to a few of my family members. These funds were sitting there collecting dust. What I discovered only added up to a few hundred dollard but still, it’s a few hundred more than they had before.

Searched Every Nook and Cranny.

I’m pretty certain I’m not the only one here who has visited a drive-thru window and dropped change under the seat.  Do I get out of the car to fish for it? Absolutely not. I pull more change out of my wallet, grab my food and go without giving any thought to the abandoned coins on the floor.  However, for this project, I decided to conduct a search throughout my car and found a lot of money.  I also looked in winter coat pockets, old purses and anywhere else I thought money could be hiding and gathered over $50.

Sold Unwanted Items.

This was an easy one and probably the most popular among others to bring in extra cash. I’ve accumulated so much stuff over the years and honestly, I just got tired of seeing all of it laying around.  I had expensive jewelry, purses, and shoes that I haven’t even thought about wearing in a while.  I started decluttering and found a few other items that needed to go as well.  Total? Around $700.

These are just a few ways of discovering money. If you are on a journey to building wealth, I encourage you to search high and low for ways to get you there. Leave no coin behind.

All the best, always and thank you for reading.



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