Why You Should Consider Blogging As A Second Career

I created my blog a little over two years ago. It was something I had been thinking about for a while and was over-the-top excited at the thought of having my very own website. Some of my friends and family didn’t quite share my enthusiasm, however. Possibly because they just didn’t understand much about blogging.

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At the time I started, I was still working my 9-5. In between summoning personnel for drug testing, approving travel documents, submitting trouble tickets and who knows what else, I would jot down ideas for new posts. I was so obsessed; I literally couldn’t stop thinking about what I was going to write about next. My blog became my new best friend.

I eventually took a little break from working outside the home. The time spent away from my government job afforded me more time to dedicate to my website. Although it was brief, I caught a glimpse of what quitting permanently could look like.

So, what about you? Have you thought about what you plan to do once you put your briefcase away and trade skirt suits for yoga pants and oversized t-shirts? In other words, what will you do when you quit working your w-2 job?

Many women in midlife reach the point to where they’ve had enough of heading to the office and therefore begin contemplating building a more rewarding and satisfying lifestyle. The possibilities are endless, but I absolutely think you should consider blogging, especially if one or more of the below pertains to you.

 Everyone wants what you have.

Are you often approached by others who compliment your outfits or makeup? Do you have the secrets to achieving perfect skin? Yeah? Well, share your knowledge woman! The main reason I subscribe to blogs is to learn something. And I prefer to learn from someone who could be the person next door rather than say, a celebrity. Not that I’m hating on famous people, but personally, hair-care tips and opinions about the best darn jeans ever sound more genuine when it comes from someone I might actually sit down and have lunch with.

You missed your chance at becoming a professor.

So, you were one of those super-smart kids in school, graduated high school at 14 and decided to become an attorney instead of lecturing and grading papers. However, you’ve seen one too many courtrooms and now decide you want to teach something valuable. From home. Start a blog! You can offer personalized courses through your website and make money teaching from your area of expertise. I know a few people who chose this route, and it they are having great success.

Writing makes you happier than eating and sleeping.

One of the ways to have a successful blog is to write. (Tell me that wasn’t funny, it was.) If you have a knack for writing and prioritize it above anything else, why not share your thoughts with the world? Everyone deserves to be heard, and the written word is a fantastic way to get others to pay attention to what you have to say.  The impact you can make in other people’s lives through writing is amazing. I read the other day how a person who was contemplating suicide changed their mind all because of what a blogger wrote.

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You desire to connect with others, but not necessarily in person.

This reason totally resonates with me. Sometimes I want to talk to people from behind my computer monitor. Listen, there’s nothing wrong with this. Don’t let extroverts tell you any different! I’ve met some wonderful people through blogging—not only readers but other bloggers as well. It’s honestly my happy place.

 You don’t want other people to make the same mistakes you did.

I have no issues admitting I’m not perfect. I’ve experienced many ‘lessons’ in my younger days. Like most other women over 40, I still don’t claim to know everything.  However, I have lived through enough to help other people avoid some of the pain and heartaches I’ve dealt with. I’ll always do this every chance I get because I so appreciate those who have done the same for me.


Blogging opens the door to a whole new world. There are so many different avenues you can pursue as far as choosing a niche. You can also write for other publications.

While it is absolutely possible to make a living as a professional blogger, money should not be your primary focus. Be dedicated to genuinely helping others and then the money will come. So, go ahead and add this to your list of possible things to do after you quit your day job.

All the best, always.




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